Alan Baird Industries is a specialty metal wire and cable manufacturer for the medical industry.  We manufacture for high 

performance mechanical applications, special electrical applications and other precision applications requiring a custom design.

about us

Since 1973, Alan Baird Industries has been "taking your concepts from prototype to full scale production". We are an imaginative company whose products are sold to OEM’s of medical and mechanical devices, robotics, and consumer items.  


As an ISO 13485 registered company, we are dedicated to the ongoing development, advancement and promotion of quality concepts and techniques.  We employ a structured methodology of continuous process improvements  focusing on automation as well as coordinated human actions.  This is attained by process observations and characterizations, concurrent engineering, employing new technologies all yielding process optimization. 

Every Wire and Cable Application deserves great detail and attention during the Design and Development Stage. Slight changes in the wire diameter, material, construction, and manufacturing provide for optimization of product performance.

We are a vertically integrated wire and cable manufacturer with the capability to strand and process any construction from 0.001" up to 0.065" diameter. 


Manufacturing capabilites



  • Cables
  • Wire
  • Assemblies
  • Applications


design assistance

We are an ISO 13485 registered manufacturer of wire, mechanical cable and assemblies for the medical device industry. We offer innovative manufacturing expertise in fine and ultrafine Stainless Steel, Tungsten, Nitinol and Titanium. We provide integrated engineering and design assistance -- taking your concepts from prototype to full scale production.